State of New Jersey Unemployment Insurance Benefits Application

Thinking about claiming for New Jersey unemployment insurance benefits? Do you have any idea about where and how to get it done? The purpose of writing this article is to help you understand the whole procedure so that you may do it without any problem. You don’t have to pay anything to file claim no matter which state you are in.

Basic Instructions

You better keep your New Jersey driver’s license number to hand when planning to file an unemployment claim over the Internet. If you want fast results also keep Non-Driver Photo Identification Card number to hand. Take your time to complete the application online and remember incomplete applications are of no use. So don’t exit unless you have completed the application online. Feel free to read the requirements for filing a new claim and security notice at NJSuccess. Navigate to NJSuccess if you need anything on filing, deposit, claim inquiry, telephone and updating address.

  • Make sure you have an Unemployment Benefits Online ID and Password. You better create a new account if you already don’t have one. Keep your SSN, employer information in the last one and half years, ready. Those who are not American citizens should keep their Alien Registration Documentation ready.
  • To file an unemployment claim you first have to sign in using your Online ID and Password.
  • You can also apply by phone. For this you have to call Reemployment Call Center. You can talk to them Monday through Friday by just dialing (732) 761-2020.
  • You must use phone to file your claim, if you have earned wages with the Federal Government or with military.
  • Visit to file an interstate claim or claim against commuter states of Delware or New York.

Those claiming a weekly benefit payment must prove that they fulfill required criteria. You need to file a bi-week certification for each week you want to claim benefits. You should have an Internet enabled computer to avail this service. The service is available from Monday through Friday. You can also use your phone to claim benefits. You can call between 8:30 AM and 6:00 PM.

New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development is there to help you with human resource related issues. The NJ Department of Labor and Workforce Development want to help you with your employment related issues. For further information visit the official website of the Department.