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Are you a Walmart employee? If your answer is yes, you should know that you can enjoy the benefits offered by Walmart. All the employees of the company are offered benefits no matter what their job position is and where they are working. You simply have to visit My Walmart Benefits if you need to know what is there for you.

How to Login to My Walmart Associate Login

You can login to your associate portal by click on the link given here.  Enter your user ID and Password to login to your account easily and quickly. You can check your work schedule (hourly Walmart US store), keep track of your benefits and connect with associates. My Walmart Benefits Login website online guide, Discount, Schedule, 401k, associate login, phone numbers and resources.


Walmart offers rewards and benefits to its employees. There are a number of benefits and rewards offered to employees so to make things easier we have divided them into two groups Financial and Health.

Let’s first talk about financial benefits offered to Walmart employees. The list of financial benefits is long and includes 401(k), stock option and discount cards.

Health Benefits are also amazing. If you are a Walmart associate you will get support from the company on HRA and HAS Insurance coverage which also includes short and long term disability coverage, critical illness and accident insurance. There are also many medical benefits like a list of four dollar drugs, free health advice and much more.

myWalmart is serving Walmart associates in the best possible way. It lets you

  • Check your work hours
  • Keep track of your benefits
  • Connect with other associates

About Walmart

Walmart is the United States based retailer corporation. You will be surprised to know that Walmart is ranked among the top three largest public corporations of the world. Walmart is the largest retailer of the world based on number of employees. There are more than two million employees in Walmart stores located around the world.