MyFlorida Child Care Training

Florida child care licensing and training comes under the responsibilities of the Child care training services program office. The main purpose of existence of the program is to offer the children the best environment for living. There are several other links you can find such as child care introduction, opening a child care facility, licensing information, training information, provider information etc.

Basic Instructions

Child care training is the first thing discussed when it comes to child care licensing. The sole reason of existence of Florida child care training program is to make sure that child care personnel gets all the tools required to ensure quality child care programs. There is also minimum introductory training requirement in order to achieve this task efficiently. There is a complete training procedure through which child personnel should go through in order to become qualified for child care licensing. The purpose of the training is to help you acquire the necessary skill.

  • Literacy Requirement (5 hrs).
  • Introductory Child Care Training (40 hrs). Part 1 and Part 2 are the 2 training phases of the training process. The former (thirty hours) is for child care facility rules and regulations, heath, safety and nutrition, abuse and neglect and much more. And the latter (ten hours) is for infant and toddler, basic guidance and discipline and more.
  • In-service Training (ten hours). It covers topics like health and safety and first aid.

Passing the complementary based exam is the requirement you need to meet if you want to complete the introductory child care training. Scheduling an exam is easy. One way to do is to register online the other is to dial 1-888-FLCCTIC to contact the Child Care Training Information Center.
Child care licensing and training comes under the responsibility of the Department of Children and Families. The reason behind designing this program was to make sure that children are provided best living environment. Child care staff is equipped with all the necessary skills required t make sure that children stay in a secure and healthy environment.