Superdrug Staff Loyalty Program

How do you define a program? We can define a program as our target which we want to achieve within predefined time and budget. It will not be wrong to say that Superdrug Staff Loyalty Program fulfills all requirements of a program. It is also a vital element of Customer Loyalty Program. The objective is not only to get new customers but also retain old customers.

Superdrug Staff Loyalty Program Instructions

You should know that Superdrug Staff Loyalty cards are also known as Beautycards. You just have to access Register My Beautycard page where you not only you can register but also activate your Superdrug Staff Loyalty cards. Registering a new account is not difficult. There is also a sign in link on the page of registered users. Those of you who already activated their accounts, can nominate someone else to receive an additional Card. But remember the person nominated should be above sixteen years old.

The good news for those who have account is that they will earn points every time they spend money buying Superdrug commodities. You should know that one point is equal to one penny. In addition there are ways to earn bonus points for instance when you spend ten pounds or more on NIVEA. You can also earn bonus points by taking part in other promotions. You can always check your points. The best thing about it is that you can spend points as part-payment in-store and when you do, you earn more points. Remember one point is equal to one penny and hundred points earned are equal to one pound spent in-store.

If you ever change your account name, address and other information, make sure that you also make these changes online. If you want to keep your account activated, the card must be used once in a year and if you don’t it will be deactivated. This program is designed to keep the employees motivated. The program gives the employees a sense of security and protection. You can activate your Superdrug Staff Loyalty cards and enjoy the benefits by clicking on the link

Learn About Superdrug Stores PLC

Superdrug Stores PLC is one of the largest companies of its kind in the United Kingdom. The company was established in 1964. Three major distribution centers of the company are located at Dunstable, Avonmouth and South Elmsall. There are nine hundred stores owned by the three distribution centers mentioned above. There are more than eleven hundred employees.


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